Being fit is a lifestyle and Paragon holds special events, and offers programs to help you make fitness a part of your life in and out of the studio.  Making fitness a part of your lifestyle is paramount to SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.  These programs are complimentary to you as our client, and you may choose to participate in them regularly or occasionally, to boost your progress, break out of the rut or simply try something new:


Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge – an eight week complimentary program for clients with weight loss goals, offering incentives and additional support to complement personal training.


Cardio Challenge – a four week client event, geared to boost cardiovascular endurance as well as body fat reduction, combining indoor and outdoor training.


Calorie Buster Challenge

a four week client event, geared to boost athletic performance as well as improve body composition, combining indoor and outdoor training.


Running/Hiking/Snow-Shoeing Club – If you like running with a group of people, whatever your pace is, whether you are our client or not, check out our complimentary outdoor RUNNING CLUB.  You’ll be a part of a diverse group of runners, ranging from 14 to 6 minute pace and from rookies to competitors.  We hold one to three runs per week at various locations, including paved, dirt, flat and hilly courses around three miles long (with longer options.)  You’ll never feel left out or out of place, but will get motivated to start and to keep running.  To check out or join our Running Club, click HERE.


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