Mitch Thormodson Owner / Personal Trainer Bio I have been training for just over 7 years and managed a personal training ﷯studio before starting Paragon Training Center. I moved to Washington in 2007 from the Midwest and have enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoy snowshoeing and downhill skiing, but mostly I'm a runner. I run on trails and roads and compete in ultra marathons (anything over 26.2 miles.) I am a teacher at heart and enjoy working with people to help them learn new things and realize their goals and dreams. My philosophy of training is that not everyone can win a race, but everyone should be able to run one. Too many people miss out on so much that life has to offer when they really don't have to. I think Michelangelo summed up the problem best when he said "The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." As all my friends know, I'm pretty much always at Paragon, and if I'm not you will find me running. I started a running club a few years ago that has turned into the Paragon Running Club. One of the best parts of my job is helping people run again. Every child likes to run, and the joy of adults who have lost 50 or 100 pounds and suddenly find that they can run again is amazing. Especially once they get a few tips on actually HOW to run without injuring themselves. Certifications ﷯ ﷯ Continuing Education Credits Advanced Strength Training Angles, Positions and Variations Designing Interval Training Exercise & Women's Health Exercise and Menopause Nutrition & Weight Control Strength Training Older Adults Experience Training since 2007 Over 4000 sessions trained
Snowshoe 5K race
50Krunning race at deception pass
Hiking at Rattlesnake Ridge

Only those who will


going too far



find out

how far

one can go.

-T.S. Elliot


50K running race at Baker Lake
Snowshoeing at Gold Creek
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