In addition to our foundation of private personal training, you have the option to work out in a small group of like-minded individuals.  It’s a fun and cost effective way to train.  Unlike a strength-training class at a regular gym, Small Group Training at Paragon offers many benefits of private personal training and here is how:



We keep our group size small – 3 to 6 people, so you don’t get lost in the crowd.  You don’t every have to wait for equipment, as you might in a gym, or wonder if your form is right, as might happen in large class.  The studio is kept clean so you don’t have to deal with wiping off someone else’s sweat and it’s set up for an efficient and effective workout.



Your trainer is always there to watch your form and to adjust exercises as necessary.  You won’t wonder how to alter a movement if you have any limitations that prevent you from doing it, or doing it right.  Like a hawk, the trainer will monitor your form and offer different ways to do modify an exercise if necessary.  Even though it’s impossible to give you as much attention as you would get with Private Personal Training, your individuality is still taken into consideration, and you never have to wonder if you are doing the right thing, or doing it correctly because we take of you.  If you’d like to try it for yourself, just click HERE to schedule your Free Small Group Trial session.



Cardio exercise is a crucial element of any fitness regimen but it’s difficult to know how much of it to do, at what intensity or how frequently.  That’s where your trainer comes in.  You will learn how to make the most of your cardio efforts and how to supplement your training without doing too much or too little.  Even though we do not have membership fees, our cardio area is open for you to use any time between 6am and 9pm Monday through Friday.



We always gear training toward your goals, ensuring that you get results.  We utilize a broad range approach, from free weights to calisthenics, and from boxing to Pilates elements, incorporating stretching and even myofascial release into your sessions, as needed.  This way you make the most of your workouts for fitness and for life. Just click HERE to give it a try.



Our staff are expert counselors on the subject of Nutrition, so if you have questions or personal struggles in this vital area of fitness, your trainer is there for you to address any questions you might have and to suggest practical ways to improve.



While your trainer will keep you accountable, no matter which program you choose, Small Group Training offers an added benefit of team accountability.  You co-trainees will be encouraged by you being there, and you will likely find that the power of the team helps you show up every time.  To schedule your free trial session, without any obligations what-so-ever, click HERE.



A major perk for many of our clients is the emotional tension release, rooted not only in the positive hormones generated during a quality training session but in the structure of our workout - worry free for you: just show up and let your trainer guide you.  In and out in 45 minutes with a better sense of self - physically and emotionally.



As our client, you have access to other Paragon programs to help you make fitness a part of your lifestyle on a regular basis or to accelerate your progress periodically.  We hold special events, complimentary for our small group training clients, in which you may choose to participate.  We want you to have sustainable results and we’ll go above and beyond to make it happen. Click HERE to schedule your complimentary trial session or for more information.



We saved the best for last.  Small Group Training is incredibly cost-effective.  While you get not all but many benefits of Private Personal Training, session cost ranges from $39/drop-in session down to $29/session with a pass, and only $50 per WEEK with Unlimited Monthly Pass.  With 8 Small Group sessions available to choose from throughout the week, that is unbeatable value.  The best part is that other than the initial one time $99 enrollment fee, you won’t encounter any other charges, there are no hidden costs, no surcharges, no long term commitments, no contracts and no membership fees. As with all our programs, we offer 10% discount for youth, kids and full time students.  If you are ready to give it a try, just click HERE to contact us for a Free Trial session or to enroll.




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