Zohan James

Personal Trainer


Exercise should always be fun, it should never feel like a chore! As a SCertified personal trainerports Conditioning Specialist in my 5th year, my main goal is to enhance the mechanics and requirements of your sport or mode of exercise, but most importantly, make it fun; I stand by that! When we were kids we weren’t thinking about how many calories or how many reps the fun we were having burned and or required, respectively, we were enjoying life! So, it is my mission to bring the fun back into your fitness life.


It’s funny how life is sometimes, when I was growing up and going throughout my adolescent school years, I hated gym class! I won’t go into specifics as to why, but basically it seemed like a chore! My parents were constantly down my throat telling me that I needed to get some exercise, but my mind didn’t make the connection with exercise being fun, that was until I started my never-ending journey in the martial arts. When that came into my life, fun became exercise became fitness and that’s my story!




National Strenght and conditioning association certification  CPR Certified

second degree black belt Blue Belt tae kwon-do




Training since 2009











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